A New Idea


Ideas linger in the mind, swirling mists of almost being, a mental wisp of potential drifting through: light, airy, dreamy, floating, teasing us to follow it into endless possibility. We yearn to follow- but we fear that our efforts might fail; and the unrealized possibility of “I could if I wanted to…” is far more attractive than the harsh actualization of a fledgling dream terminated by failure.

So, millions of ideas of the grandest and most fantastic scale remain trapped within our tiny heads, bullied by stronger thoughts of fear or dominated by life’s never ending press of responsibility. We allow the bright possibility of “someday” to paralyze the often messy actualization of “now” to avoid disappointments. We circumvent the disappointments that wait in the wings for us to stumble in order to overtake and confine us once again to a safe normalcy: a soft place where we do not feel the sting of let down. Yet neither do we experience the exhilarating, terrifying, glorious adrenaline of flight. We turn away, gripping our places of mental ease; but no matter how we push them away, our imagination always returns, a sweet breeze, a light bird, a tiny fleeting thought beckoning, “Come fly with me…”

Follow your dreams. Actualize your ideas. Come fly with me.

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