DIY: Floral Monogram Hanging Board

Monogram Hanging Floral Board

Kitchen showers are new to me. On the west coast, we generally give kitchen items as wedding gifts, not at a pre-marriage party. Not so in the south! Here, kitchen showers seem to be a staple of life: a tradition that must not be overlooked! It seemed silly when I was young- people sitting around, watching the engaged couple opening serving spoons and recipe books and kitchen gadgets from great Aunt Mae. Boring. Besides, it’s not like they would ever USE all that stuff right?! When you have Trader Joes, all you need is a decent microwave and a bowl or two for cereal. Keep it simple. I never dreamed that one day I would be one of those people oohing and aahing over each newly unwrapped item, but alas, it is true. In my newly married domestic bliss, I now deem kitchen showers an absolute dream come true. Does this mean I am old? Or is it just a byproduct of moving halfway across the country and realizing the nearest Trader Joes is five hours away? At any rate, my husband’s cousin is getting married, so a kitchen shower was in order. It fell to us (my amazing MIL and I) to decorate, so here is what we came up with.


  • Board: light weight (8 ft)
  • Oasis
  • Chains: four 3.5 ft chains
  • Letters: store bought are fine- I made these out of foam with a hot knife and painted them
  • Flowers: Kroger has fantastic ‘Manager’s Specials’ and you can get flowers for super cheap
  • Hooks

First assemble the board. I put the letters on first and then hung it, but it could be done either way. You may need to run fishing line up the middle to keep the wood from bowing it is too flimsy. If your ceiling can handle it, I recommend a stronger board so it doesn’t bow.


Next, lay down a good amount of greenery. We cut most of this from our yard, but we had to buy the eucalyptus.

Soak your oasis- you should need a minimal amount unless you want a lot more flowers. Place the oasis on small plates on the board. Fill in the board with flowers: I personally tried to concentrate them in a few areas and left a lot more greenery for a more wild look, but it could easily be tamed by making it more uniform and using more flowers.


Last, weave boxwood up the chains.

Bam. Done.

Board, shower, white, monogram

Here’s a few pics of the finished product.

IMG_5265     Bridal-Shower,-Decor,-White

And here is what we came up with as their backdrop for opening presents.


bridal shower, chalk board, white, drape, wreath

Best wishes to these two and happy creating to you all!

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