Whimsical Christmas Cake


Let’s talk about cake. Not just your average cake- but something that tastes amazing inside. Now, let’s talk about the outside of said cake. I cannot tell you how many cakes I have made that tasted so amazing yet looked like it got in a fight with the oven/frosting/kitchenaid. Ugly cakes may taste good, but cakes just seem to taste so much better when they are pretty!

The other day I was in Home Goods and this awesome Nutcracker cupcake kit jumped out at me. Buuuut… I don’t do cupcakes. In fact, I barely do cakes- mainly because they turn out so…ugly! And while I can handle many things, creating something ugly is just not one of them. The tiny characters inspired so much more than just a boring old cupcakes. And so I decided I was going to make a pretty cake. Just. Like. That.

Nutcracker kit

The Nutcracker characters are dancing across a bed of fluffy marshmallows. The center piece? Well, the side of the box was pretty cute and I didn’t want it to go to waste… so I cut it out and used double sided tape and a toothpick to create the double-sided city/tree backdrop in the center.


I pinned a really great cake frosting tutorial (this one) on Pinterest and while not perfect, I think it turned out pretty well! Finally,  a pretty cake. And the frosting is a stable cream cheese frosting so double yum. You can find the recipe for stable cream cheese frosting right here . I left out the sour cream, and used less powdered sugar to keep it from being too sweet. It turned out fantastic! Now to pass out forks! Cheers all!

XO, Kim



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